Ginger Harne - Kindergarten

"I love teaching for many reasons. The first is watching the excitement on students' faces as they make new discoveries. Secondly, I have a chance to affect lives beyond the moment. The thing I absolutely love most is building a foundation for a love of learning that I hope my students carry with them for a lifetime. 
To me, Godly education means that I try to get to know each student and develop a relationship with them so I can meet their educational needs as individuals. My goal is to help them grow not only academically, but also socially, emotionally, and spiritually. I believe that the view young children have of adults impacts their view of Jesus, so it is important to me that my students feel loved and accepted just the way God made them."

Vanessa Gonzales - Kindergarten

Rachel Espinoza - Kindergarten

Jacque Smith - First Grade

Roma Long - Second Grade

"I'm blessed with the opportunity to impart knowledge academically, share practical life skills, and encourage spiritual development among the students. It's a privilege to help the students learn how to make wise life choices using critical thought, problem solving techniques, and principles in a real and practical way. A Godly education is rooted in principles and the life of Jesus Christ, the son of God, the lessons are designed to keep these facts in mind."

Nicole Chapman - Third Grade

"I love my job! I am surrounded by positive and supportive Christian people who share a love for God and children. God has allowed me to minister to his children each day, so I strive to bring glory to Him in all that I do. Being able to come alongside the parents to help lay the foundation academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually is such an awesome gift. I truly feel, in order to create a better future we must raise up our children in His image. WCA allows us to teach each child how loved and important they are, and that they have a purpose in this world. A Godly education is a vital piece to a better future. Watching God's children grow in His word each day is such a wonderful blessing!"

Ben Evert - Fourth - Fifth & Sixth Grade

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Westside Christian Academy is a private school.