Support Staff

Brandon Militti - Cook

Mary Barnes - Before & After Care

"I'm a member of the Before & After Care Team and also assist in the kitchen! The thing I love about my job is watching the kids learn about Jesus. I think a Godly education is important because it shows the kids they are loved!"

Patty Evert - Before & After Care

"As part of the Before and After Care Program for the kindergarten-sixth graders, we try to encourage the kids to work as a team, socialize, and make friends. It is a blessing to work in the WCA, a Godly place where we can spend time in prayer and share our testimonies with the children."

Danielle Johnson - Before & After Care

Shauna Canale - Before & After Care

Carly McClain - Music

"My motivation and interest in teaching comes from a genuine love for both children and music. I began singing and playing the piano in the church as a young child and felt called by God to pursue music education as a career. I have always enjoyed interacting with children and feel honored to impart the fundamental knowledge of God, the Bible, and music to students. Demonstrating how to combine a love for God and an interest in music, allows students to use their natural abilities to bring glory, honor, and praise to God. It also provides them with an opportunity to be a witness for God by sharing their gift and collaborating with fellow Christians in a positive environment is a tremendous blessing."