Joy Sneed - K3 Full-Day Lead Teacher


"I love teaching because I get to watch the kids discover new things every day. My favorite moments are when I can answer questions and help the children sound out letters, these precious moments warm my heart. WCA offers an environment where we are free to talk about God and encourage the children to grow spiritually. It's a place where students can develop their beliefs and a relationship with Jesus. A Godly education is important because we help create the foundations for success in the future rooted in Christ that will follow the children for the rest of their lives."

Sherry Carroll - K3 Full-Day Assistant

Jackie Morrison - K3/K4 Part-Day Lead Teacher


"I teach the half day preschool classes at the WCA and have been blessed to be here for 9 years and it's thrilling to be part of this program. I love to watch the excitement in a child as they learn new things and I'm passionate about being able to speak to them about God and his love for us. To me a Godly education is a firm foundation for each child. Teaching a child to grow closer to God and showing them that they were all created for a special purpose will unlock all the possibilities for them to succeed in life."

Amber Ferrell - K3/K4 Part-Day Assistant

"I truly enjoy being able to teach students about how awesome and amazing God is. Working at WCA has been a huge blessing for me and my children since moving back to Missouri. I love working with the children and seeing them make connections academically, and more importantly, spirtually."

Nicole Wilbur - K4 Full-Day Lead Teacher

"I love watching kids grow and learn over the course of the year. It is the Ah-ha! moments that keep me on my toes, and I'm moved by the chance to be a role model and a person that they come to love. Watching them finally understand a concept they have been struggling with is the most rewarding experience a teacher can have. A Christ centered education is important because young children don't often have the opportunity to learn about Jesus outside of church, and learning to explore the world in the light of God's love is important to helping them understand their need for a relationship with God."

Alyssa Grenier - K4 Full-Day Assistant

Julie Bates - K4 Full-Day Lead Teacher

Kimber Heida - K4 Full-Day Assistant

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Westside Christian Academy is a private school.